EgeBingss Long

EGE-BINGSS is a prestigious tradition and an international organization since its foundation by our gifted "teachers" and inspiring "coordinators" Professors Gönül Ö. Peker and Reha Erzurumlu in 1999. Our main goal is to attract, discover, hook, convince, challenge, enlighten and encourage new future neuroscientists from almost all graduate (bio-medicine and health sciences, psychology, life sciences, engineering and even law and philosophy backgrounds) and even some senior classes of similar undergraduate programs to hopefully develop to become the new members of dynamic and breaking rejuvenating neuroscientists of Turkey and the World.

EGE-BINGSS’s program includes lectures to improve your theoretical knowledge in neuroscience, but you will also have the chance of joining wet labs and also special interest groups (SIGs) to improve your academic/scientific skills but also get the opportunities for close communication and cooperation with the national and international faculty to build future networking.

In every summer school we do our best to capture the unforgettable spirit of EGE-BINGSS and have a great week benefiting from the basic and state of the art knowledge, know how, and wisdom harmonized with joy and colorful memories.

EGE-BINGSS offers you to have a great week benefiting from the knowledge and wisdom harmonized with joy and beautiful memories. You find the chance to meet international and national experts which give you new insights about your neuroscience career, but also young scientists to share their current experiences as they still walk through the hard but joyful pathway of neuroscience.

If you want to be amazed, and co-witness the exciting coherence, interference, interaction, and the "complex cause and effect affairs" of new trends in neurosciences, please join us to recognize, learn- and who knows- maybe collaborate with the lecturing eminent senior scientists and clinicians in pursuing the avenues for resolving the complex interactions in the nervous system both in homeostatic and pathological situations.